Trampoline Bounce Board | A New Way to Have Fun Jumping

A trampoline bounce board is used to hone the skills of the jumper to jump to their desired height and take the trampoline experience to the new level. These boards are alike to that of skateboard and snowboard. There are different types of bounce boards available in the market. You need to choose the correct model that allows you to try different tricks to jump on the trampoline mat and have fun to the core.

In fact, many athletes and sports people will use this bounce board to improve their fitness levels by jumping on this mat wearing bounce boards. These boards are made of a wide variety of materials and in different designs. They can be used by the jumpers no matter their skill level.

The wider surface area of the bounce board will let people to perform various tricks on this mat. The strap will protect your feet from getting injured while doing the stunts on it. This is the safe way to burn calories and to have fun at the same time.

These bounce boards are made of superior quality material and are available at a competitive price. This is the best way to perform tricks on the trampoline without putting the life at stake.

See some of the top brands that are selling bounce boards below:

Bounce Board Classic Extreme Trampoline Board

This is highly durable and can be strapped to your feet while performing the trick on the trampoline. More importantly, this lets you use the trampoline with extreme wear and tear without causing any kind of damage to the trampoline mat. This has EVA foam with dual layers of reinforcement. This board is constructed using quality material that it lasts for a long time without getting damaged quickly. It is a little heavy compared to the other bounce boards. You need to get the exact fit of this board to have a great and incredible jumping experience. This is perfect fit for kids who are six years old


  • Weight of this board is around 7 pounds
  • Made of quality material
  • Provide extra strength with the two-layer reinforcement
  • Soft and padded feet grips assure traction


  • Not so budget friendly

Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Skate

This lightweight board is perfect for all the beginner and professional jumpers to perform different types of tricks on the trampoline. It is equipped with foam that is easy and simple to use. This board moves along with the jump made by the users besides giving them complete control over themselves. This is perfect to carry out different types of tricks.


  • Perfect for amateur jumpers
  • Weighs around 4.5 pounds
  • Made of superior quality foam
  • Padded and soft feet grips
  • Non-slippery fabric improves traction
  • Give rigid and strong heel support
  • Keep jumper stable whenever they jump back on the mat
  • Let the feet to breathe


  • No cons


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