How to Clean Your Trampoline

Do you want to clean the trampoline mat that is prone to dust, debris, birds dropping and heavy foot traffic neatly? Then, you need to use the right cleaning solution to clean the mat thoroughly and regain its lost sheen besides making it a safe place for the kids to jump and have a fun time. Undeniably, you would need to maintain this mat regularly as it is placed in outdoors. This mat, when exposed continuously to weather elements, will get worn out quickly over the indoor mats. The trampoline mat that is dirty and messy is not safe for kids to play on it, as they may prone to various health ailments. However, you can clean this mat in a few hours and dry it off in the sun.

Here are a few simple steps that one needs to embrace to clean a trampoline.

Clear the Surface of the Mat

Prior to cleaning the mat, you first need to remove the debris like dried leaves and other things from the mat. The small twigs on the mat cause ripples and damage the thread of the mat, thus making it unsafe. You need to remove the twigs, leaves, and other debris from the mat carefully. Also, you need to remove the toys, balls and other gaming accessories on the trampoline from the mat. You need to clean those toys prior to putting them again on the mat since if you put dirty toys on the mat, the mat becomes dirty again.

Sweep the Mat Thoroughly

The stubborn dirt stick on the mat should be cleaned using a straw broom. You should not use hand tools like shovels and spades to clean the debris from the mat. Prior to cleaning, you need to make sure to remove debris from the trampoline. In addition to the mat, you also need to thoroughly clean the pad. It is crucial for you to lift up the spring to remove the dirt accumulated beneath the safety enclosure.

Deeply Inspect the Mat

After removing the debris from the mat, you would need to check for the signs of damages on the mat. If the mat is completely damaged, it is not safe for kids to jump and play on this trampoline. Though there is a small hole in the mat, it gets enlarged as kids keep on jumping and playing on the mat. When you notice damages, you need to replace the old mat with a new one.

Soak the Mat

You cannot clean the mat when it is dry. So, it is crucial for you to soak it in the soapy water for half an hour and scrub the mat twice. You should scrub the mat gently to avoid damage. You would need to use a hose to wet the mat surface. You should stop spraying the water when you notice the water starts to seep from the trampoline. You need to use a scrubbing brush to scrub the surface thoroughly to remove dust and debris accumulated inside the fiber of the mat.

Let the Mat to Dry

You should not let the kids play onĀ it when the wet. Since it would be slippery and will cause serious injuries to the kids. If you soak and scrub the mat in the morning, you can dry it until evening. If you are living in the weather conditions, where the climate is cool, then you need to use air movers to dry the mat.