Trampoline Accessories | Best Things to Add Fun for Your Jumper


It’s always fun to see your family enjoying a trampoline, but there is no bad to add some quick accessories to make fun a bit funnier. Once you have selected the best trampoline for your fun evenings, there is no harm to play safe and add trampoline accessories that can increase the safety of your family. It should be understood that some intelligently chosen accessories can even add years to your trampoline. Accessories vary according to different sizes of the trampoline. If the trampoline has the goodness to give your kid a happy hour playing in the back yard, the investment is worth a try.

We have listed accessories that prove to be really useful for your trampoline and could save you from coming up with any types of complaints.

Trampoline Ladders

The first item that we have included in our list is a trampoline ladder. We would honesty like to let you know that it is a bit tough to climb the trampoline without any ladder or a step. Further addition to the fact is that most of the trampolines are few feet above the ground level, which makes it tougher tasks for the kids. A trampoline without a ladder may include issues like misbalance of your kid while climbing it and shall end up in a chaos.

Do understand that most of the ladders that a trampoline gets are one sided ladders, so one needs to fix it with the alloy of trampoline. The installation procedure is really simple, and the making of the ladder has been done with tube alloy. The metallic configuration of the ladder provides a good support to the one climbing it. Furthermore the ladders are made in a generic manner, thus the weight of the user shall not affect the ladder.

While reviewing many we found these to be the best options available in the market.

Pure-Fun Trampoline Ladder

This ladder has been made up with strong carbon steel that ensures the good quality of the product. The combination of iron and carbon makes sure that the weight of the climber brings no effect on the ladder. The ladder in 38 inches tall, this size shall fit in with most of the trampolines and shall stay longer in your back yard. The weight capacity of the ladder in 220 pounds, we believe the limit is fair enough for the user.

JumpSport Trampoline Ladder

This trampoline ladder ensures any trampoline that has a regular size of 10 x 17 feet, can be made suitable. This is a three step ladder and goes well with the Double power bounce and jump-sport models. You can stay assured that the ladder shall protect your child and keep safe in the trampoline. Not just for the kids even the ease is if an adult climbs too. The steps and flat and wide in the width, this makes is easy for the kids. The alloy used prevents the ladder from rusting UV radiations too. Undeniably the process of installation and removal is quiet easy.

JumpSport 2-Step Ladder

This one is another suggestion that we feel can be best for your backyard trampoline. This has been made with a concept of two steps ensuring that each step has been made flat and comfortable. This ladder is a great option for the trampolines rising 3 feet from the ground. The ladder comes dismantled, but it’s really easy to put together and then to remove too. Also a regular removal and installation makes no effect to the ladder, so keeping it away from the kids won’t be a tough task.

Trampoline Anchors

It’s always entertaining to see your kids or family to enjoy on a trampoline, and that’s the reason most of the backyards now a days have a trampoline. But a backyard also attracts wind or a stormy night; you may have to ensure that the wind doesn’t take away the disc with it. Anchor helps to keep the disc safe.

The mats are wide and this makes it more prone to go away with the wind, and chances are that you may find it somewhere on the street next day. So to keep safe is no wrong. Though you may feel that to stay safe detaching the whole trampoline and keep it aside, but ask your tired self, is it an easy task?

There are two ways to keep an open trampoline safe, first one says that install wind stakes and then use a cemented shield to cover it. Now this shall ensure that your trampoline is fixed in a place and can never move. But do understand it gets fixed there and shall attract hardship in removal process.

Another option that can be used is the usage of an Anchor kit. It is shaped as a long twisted rod and has to be buried in the ground. This is expected to perform better as it comes with the spiral figure. So just tie your trampoline with the anchors with the alloys in the circumference of net.

We have sorted some of the best trampoline anchor kits for the users.

JumpSport Anchor Kit

This is said to be the safest option available in the market and ranks high in the list. It holds the trampoline with a great firmness and doesn’t let the grip slip; this makes sure that the trampoline remains in one place in high wind hour too. The product comes to you with straps and augers, four in number. The main task allotted to the auger to keep the trampoline in right place with its grip in the ground. The cork screws help you to put the anchors in correct place.

Upper Bounce Anchor Kit

This kit comes with the straps that can be adjusted well to keep the trampoline in place. This product comes with a set of four anchors and double the number of buckles. This kit is comparatively easy to assemble as compare to others of its range. All you need to do is screw the anchor to the ground and connect it well with the strap to the trampoline. The USP of this anchor kit is that the adjustable buckles enable it to be stretched till any height. We recommend the product for the trampolines with a height of 34 inches.

Spring pulling tools

While buying a trampoline spring, you won’t sound like the most excited person in the surroundings, but once you buy them we assure you the most satisfied buyer. It worth making an investment to increase the life of the trampoline seated in your back yard. Always remember, buying accessories or the trampoline in itself doesn’t stop the process, you need to regularly take care of the frame and the springs. Always keep a keen eye, if you find even a small wear and tear in the spring get your sleeves folded for a replacement spring. We have put down the best brands in the market to ensure your safe bounce:


SkyBound Spring Tool

This spring has been designed in a way to ensure a DIY replacement of the worn off spring. The spring comes with zinc plating, this ensure the longevity of the spring even in very humid climate that easily attracts rusting. It is always a suggestive to measure the original spring size, yes when we mention the size; we mean the measurements from one hook to another. This shall help you choose the correct spring. The manufacturers have kept a deep go through with the alloy specifications so that each bounce is as safe as that with the original spring. Also its necessary to count the number of springs you need for the trampoline, each set comes with around 10-15 pieces, so if you need a set of 60 you may have to increase the package quantity.

UpperBounce Spring Tool

When you have invested a good amount on your trampoline, we would never suggest you to adjust with a lower quality of the spring. There is no good in taking risk. It is always suggestive to go for the springs that are made up of tough metal. This Upper bounce spring is a heavy alloyed galvanized spring. The spring has been designed in a manner to give a better bounce. The galvanized alloy ensures that the spring doesn’t attract early rusting. Also avoids cracks in extreme cold weather. We would suggest you to use a T-shaped hook for the installation of these springs.

Trampoline Covers

As mentioned earlier, just buying a trampoline doesn’t end the story. If you wish to keep that trampoline for a longer time in your backyard you need to make certain arrangements. It’s always good to shield it with a cover to let it sustain against the bad weather or from dust on a normal day. We do understand that you have spent a good amount to buy it thus measuring its long life is defiantly in your plans. The cover shall ensure that the springs don’t get rusted easily, the pads can be kept safe from fading and the leaves in the backyard don’t rest on the trampoline.

Trampoline is no less than an asset in your list, you need to take care of it like you do it with all others, say it your car. People deliberately get a garage for their car or at least a cover, then why not for a trampoline. We have also seen that people tend to settle for cheap quality covers, but such ones shall only save it from dust and not from a bad weather. So to facilitate you in choosing the best trampoline cover we have listed few of the best in market:

Pure Fun Trampoline Cover

The quality of this trampoline cover can be measured form the fact that it is made up of heavy 130g of polyethylene. The same qualifies it for a waterproof category. There is good facilitation of water venting so that it doesn’t reach the mat by any means. Also the size of the cover can be chosen according to the size of your trampoline. It conveniently covers the major parts of the trampoline so that nothing gets affected. The polyethylene quality makes it weather resistant and longevity so that it can cover your investment even after being exposed to extreme climate.

JumpSport Cover

The reason we have included this one in our suggestion list is its ease of usage. The design of the cover has been initiated in such a manner that one doesn’t need to put off the net to cover the trampoline. This feature makes the cover unique from others in the range. Also another thing that qualifies it to be in your accessories list is the attachment of Velcro along with bungee hooks with the cover such that it very well covers the canvas. The material has a higher level of reliability as it’s similar to the ones used for marine canvases. Further to it the drain hole ensures that the water makes its way out of the cover without letting any harm to the mat.

Trampoline Shoe Holders

A trampoline shoe holder is made with an aim to ensure longevity. This has been purposely to keep the trampoline shoes safe, and off the dirt. The straps of such trampoline shoe holders are made with strong straps so that it can retain the weight of shoes.  Trampoline shoe holders are even safe to keep your phone while you enjoy a bounce. The straps are strong and can be easily detached when put in use. Most of the shoe holders are compatible with different brands and can be easily installed.  So to let you choose the best one for your trampoline we have listed few good ones:

Upper Bounce Shoe Holder

These ones are with good quality duty straps that ensure the grip is strong enough to carry the weight of shoes. It is one of the best quality products available in this range. It is basically a 3 pocket pouch. Moreover the four set of straps available of each side keeps the grip stronger. So put all the clutter of the ground dirt and keep safe with your stuff.

Pure Fun Shoe Holder

Now this one has been really well designed so that it doesn’t look like a sack or hanging shelf, rather a real-time shoe holder. It comes with a large pocket in middle of it with a width of 19″ x 19″ x 8″. Another set of four 11″ x 11″ x 6″ pockets are there to keep the smaller clutter. Also the makers understand that your phone means a lot to you, so they have installed a sweet pinch with a 3.5” phone holder too. So complete your list of accessories with this holder.

Basketball Hoops for Trampoline

Very few trampoline lovers know that you can attach a basketball hoop and try that terrific basket with no comparisons. This also comes with a mere fact that to make that legendary slam you may need some tricks. We were amused to see people experimenting, a regular basketball hoop on a pole and then enjoy baskets, but trust us this could be a real risk. But thankfully the innovative thinkers have come up with this tricky basketball hoop that can be easily attached with the safety rods or enclosures on the top. The process of installation is easy and hassle free. Also the chances that a legendary basket may harm your kid can be drast8ically decreased. We would call this as an innovative play when compared to a regular game. We have listed some good and reliable basketball options for the trampoline:

Jump Slammer Hoop

Undeniably such hoops are a new introduction in the market. This can be fixed on most of the trampolines and may add great fun to your kid’s play. The bracket has been customized in a manner that can keep the goal straight and safe as well. We have really loved this bracket as an addition to the hoop. Even the rim added can be calculated as another impressive feature. Our review call it as a great product and quiet suitable for that less sporting trampoline in the backyard.

Versa Hoop

This 3.3 rated product can be a great addition your trampoline accessories list. This hoop comes with thick surface board measuring around 24 x 16 Inches. The breakaway rim has been put to assure a good play as well as the hoop shall have a long life. The rim can be replaced if in case you hamper to make a very rash slam. The choice of colors that the company provides, can give a cool kid look to the trampoline. This hoop can go well with the trampolines that come in straight shapes i.e. rectangular and vertical. But if you have a spherical or a round shaped pole of the trampoline then probably you may have to think of another hoop. There is a huge choice of colors in the backboard of the hoop off course we would call for a red or white color, they happen to be our choice too.

Trampoline Bounce Boards

We are here to ensure that your trampoline experience gets better with each and every accessory that you add in the list. The bounce board makes the swing go more interesting, so be it practicing for snow-boarding or that quirky wake-boarding this bounce board can make all good to your adventure ideas. The boards have been made in a way to provide some flexibility but the foam covered and blunt edges give it strength. All you need to do is that attach the foot strap with your own foot. The makers keep in mind that the board comes with strong hooks and Velcro too has a high quality, to avoid any type of risks. So for that over enthusiastic kids jumping on the trampoline can show off their extreme energy on this bounce board and stay safe at the same time.

For the same good work we have sorted the best bounce boards in the market.

Jump Sport BounceBoard

This bounce board that weighs 5 pounds has brought down the weight to ensure a good bounce. To jump on that bouncing trampoline with this bounce board shall make your kid’s day. Undeniably kids even practice with it all those tricks that have been just watching in videos or games. The board is great pick if your kid falls in the age category of 10-18 years. Don’t misinterpret it with the strong snow-boards, it’s a replica but is made of rubber, this shall never harm the mat of your trampoline.

NSI Bounce Board

We would make this bounce board in the lighter category as it only weighs some 4.8 pounds. So let your kid try that skateboard experience with this bounce board on that bouncy trampoline, and that too in the edges of your sight. The board can be a good choice for anyone in the age group of 10-18 years. But the straps have been formed in a manner that any foot sizes can fit in. All you need to do is adjust the strap and lock it to keep the bounce a safer fall.  Yet again the bounce board comes with a rubber surface and keeps the mat of your trampoline safe from any scratches. The best part is that you can even pick the favorite color of your kid any make your choice to rank in the cool kid category.

Classic BounceBoard

A bit heavier as compared to other two bounce boards in this category but we won’t consider weight to bring loss to the trampoline mat. But the weight of this bounce board makes it comparatively stronger and an inch more on versatility. There are lesser chances that your over enthusiastic may break it with that legendary bounce. Further if in case you happen to forget it out in the backyard on a rainy night, you don’t need to bother, it resists climate differences. As mentioned earlier too, don’t bother about any damages to the bounce board. It is good if the kid of 10 years uses it, we recommend it for the kids of this active age group. The straps are strong enough to keep the grip, and any foot size can happily fit in. But we really once you have used this bounce board you won’t be really ready to change the brand.

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