Best Adult Trampolines for Having Fun


Best Value

ACON Air 15ft

Shape : Round

  • No Single User Weight Limit
  • Made In Finland

Top Rated

Kidwise Magic Circle

Shape : Octagon

  • Easy Assembly
  • 450 lb Weight Capacity


Vuly Thunder

Shape : Round

  • Easy Assembly
  • Very Durable

Trampolines are great, they literally help you achieve new heights and are a great way of improving your strength and stamina. These trampolines are a fun way to pass time and work wonders for your body. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes with varied features, some expensive and some affordable. You might be looking for a trampoline for adults, for your leisure or your health. But which one is the best for you? Do you really need an extra large trampoline with additional features which costs a ton or do you want one for leisure? Here is a guide which will help you choose the best adult trampoline.

Trampoline for Adults

A trampoline is one of the all time favorite toys and provides fun not just for kids but also for adults. This device has a myriad of health benefits which cannot be provided by any other exercise. The increased and efficient lymphatic flow in the body, increased detoxification and better immune system, reduce fat with no pressure on your legs and most importantly improving the cardiovascular system with such large trampoline are some of the important benefits from a bunch of its advantages.

Best Adult Trampoline

With little or no physical exercises, one is bound to become lazy and confined to the sofa in the living room with a good number of health problems in hands. Below mentioned are some models of trampoline that would guide the buyers regarding the best suitable models which are safe, have premium quality and offer the best jumping sessions. Consequently, providing years and years of fun and physical workout for the whole family.

The Acon Air 15ft is the first trampoline on the list. Being one of the most popular choices among the buyers, this particular model is a 15 feet diameter heavy duty trampoline. Hence, provides more room for carrying out jumping sessions comfortably and safely. Being suitable for both adults as well as kids, the trampoline features a strong and premium enclosure which has been created using high-quality materials and checked for safety standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Both the trampoline and the premium enclosure combined weigh a total of 295 lbs.
  • The Acon Air 15ft features a height of 36 inches.
  • The trampoline mat has been designed using UV treated polypropylene and has been cross sewed up to 6 times for extra protection.
  • The metallic pipes used in the framework encompass a thickness of 0.08 inches and a diameter of 2 inches.


    • No single-user weight restriction.
    • The frame has been galvanized thoroughly both inside and outside to provide protection against rust and corrosion.
    • Comes with a spring pulling tool that would save time and employ minimum effort.


    • The absence of ladder and other necessary tools is a drawback.

Another favorite model among families is the Vuly Thunder. This particular model is a 12.5 feet diameter heavy duty trampoline. It is considered one of the safest and sturdiest trampolines on the market. The Vuly Thunder model also encompasses an enclosure similar to the aforementioned model and provides acute safety to both adults as well as children.

Features and Benefits

  • The Vuly Thunder comes in three different sizes- medium, large and extra-large so that the users can choose according to their needs and requirements.
  • The edges of the net are smooth and thus, there is no need of safety pads.
  • Often used in heavy truck suspension systems, the patented leaf strings utilized in the Vuly Thunder offer superior bounces as compared to the traditional coil springs.


    • This Vuly trampoline is free of bolts and nuts and consists of only 6 parts for assembly.
    • ​The safety net has been designed in a way to absorb the shocks of the bounce and facilitate a safe landing on the mat. 
    • The framework of this trampoline is very well designed.


    • The poles and joiners underneath may be susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Kidwise Magic Circle Trampoline

Kidwise Magic Circle Octagon trampoline is the best trampoline specifically made for adults. With its Tapered springs and Welded sockets it provides much more bounce and gives long lasting life to the trampoline. This product could be one of your best picks.

Features and benefits

  • It comes with 112 springs with 8.5 inches of length that are slightly tapered in V frame to provide better and higher bounce.
  • This trampoline is provided with individual foam pads that are of high density and give better protection.
  • The legs are attached to the poles of safety enclosure by welded sockets that give better support and protection.
  • The Frame is made of galvanized steel with UV coating to prevent rusting and provide a longer life.


    • Easy to assembly and set up with straight forward instructions.
    • Galvanized frame makes it durable.
    • Large jumping surface.


    • No tools included to help with assembly.
    • No safety enclosure.

The Zupapa 15 FT TUV approved trampoline comes with Galvanized frame and all accessory provided that makes it cheaper and lot more durable. The Enclosed net is transparent and lets you see around and click photos while jumping. This trampoline could be an excellent pick.

Features and Benefits

  • The frame is made of galvanized steel that provide it protection against rusting and gives it a longer life.
  • The 108 springs provided with the trampoline are galvanized and are rust resistant. They are 7 inches long and tapered at an angle to provide better bounce.
  • Net poles provided with the enclosure are longer and padded to give more safety and are attached with the legs at two points to give it a firm hold.
  • The jump pad is 20 mm thick and comes with some extra inches to cover a little part of the springs and provide better protection. It is made with PVC material and is fully foamed.
  • It comes with all the added accessories like rain cover and ladder without any additional charge.
  • The Zupapa 15ft comes with warranty for all its parts and replaced part will be shipped free of charge.


    • Great value for the price.
    • Can handle multiple jumpers.
    • TUV certified and approved.


    • The net is difficult to see through.
    • Not a great warranty.

Exacme 16 ft TUV approved trampoline comes with a GST and UV test certification and Safety net enclosure that provide better safety and protection for the user. This product comes with fully galvanized steel frame and springs that gives it a longer life and could be the best of your picks.

Features and Benefits

  • The Exacme is approved by TUV and has passed the GST and UV tests.
  • The trampoline comes with 6 legs that offer it more sturdiness and better support even in windy weathers.
  • The springs are galvanized and are rust resistant and come with a 7 inch length to provide better bounce and more fun.
  • The frame of theExacme is galvanized and is rust resistant which gives the trampoline longer life and better sturdiness.
  • This particular trampoline comes with a weight limit of 375lbs which is one of the highest among the other trampolines.
  • The net poles of the safety enclosure are longer and padded to increase safety and reduce chances of injuries.


    • The padding is all around the springs to reduct the chance of injury.
    • Can handle multiple jumpers.
    • TUV certified and approved.


    • No accessories included.
    • Warranty period is short.

What to Look for When Buying an Adult Trampoline

When looking for an adult trampoline, you obviously need to keep the height and weight limit in mind but what apart from it?

First things first, what size should you get? Investing in a trampoline that is large, if you have a smaller backyard can be disastrous because you will have no space left in your background and that just will not work.

Second thing is the budget, what is your budget? How much are you willing to spend? Because buying an expensive trampoline, if you want one just for temporary use or leisure would be waste. There are a number of fantastic lower price trampolines available which will allow you to enjoy on it. Expensive trampolines are either bigger or have different functions and advantages in it. So look and invest accordingly.

Then comes how many people can fit on the trampoline. Every one has a weight limit and a size constraint so based on the number of people who will be using it and how much they weigh is a major consideration. An average sized trampoline can fit a few people on it and that should be perfectly all right but if you intend on having more people over then buying a trampoline which is larger in size is advised as more people means more weight.

When looking for an adult trampoline, you need to ensure that the frame is firm and sturdy or else it can collapse. Frames made up of galvanized steel are considered the best option are durable in nature.

What helps the trampoline give its main quality, the bounce factor are the springs. These springs need to be of superior quality or else cheap springs may bend under the pressure or simply snap. This will potentially ruin the trampoline. So when you are looking for trampolines, ensure that the springs of that trampoline are durable and rust resistant.

Most come with a side padding and a stretched cloth in the center which separates the jumper from the springs. This material needs to be of a good quality or else the springs might easily cut through, or the lack of it can cause severe injuries.

A special net is usually made around the trampoline which serves as a safety net. This is helpful to prevent jumpers from flying off or landing on the frame or springs. This safety enclosure also needs to be of a good quality or else it can break through.

Based on the shape of the trampoline and the space you have, you can have certain advantages. Round trampolines are by far the most common ones and are preferred for recreational use. Rectangular trampolines are preferred in a professional environment, utilize by gymnasts. Square trampolines are comparatively new and are said to provide a higher bounce factor while utilizing less space.


With the vast choices available now days of the trampolines specifically designed for adults, setting up one is not such a difficult task. With the right choices, you will find yourself with the best adult trampoline out there and would be able to just relax and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Jumping sessions can be a source of enjoyment and physical activity for both adults as well as kids. There are multiple trampoline models in the market that offer varying specifications. Thus, it can create a state of confusion in the minds of potential buyers regarding which model to pick. Picking any of the trampolines listed above should be a great choice for you! If you want to check out other trampolines click this link