Understanding Trampoline Weight Limits


The decision to buy a trampoline for your family has to be well measured in all aspects. We won’t just ask you to consider the trampoline weight limit but the purpose of usage, the frequency of usage, the shape of trampoline that you are looking for and the size of trampoline.

Once you have an answer for those questions, then you can focus on understanding the weight capacity. We would recommend you always go with a trampoline that is rated to handle much more weight than it is expected to handle according to your requirements.

Why is There a Weight Limit on a Trampoline?

When buying a trampoline, the necessity to understand the weight limits of the product is of utmost importance. We have been coming across different safety issues and wear and tear complaints from the users, but while analyzing the same we understood that the major flaw comes in the choice. Users end up choosing the wrong weight category for their trampolines that result in such accidents making them blame on safety standards.

Every trampoline is designed to hold certain amounts of weight. Mini trampolines will be rated lower than traditional trampolines and rebounders. A few things that will limit weight capacity will be the quality of the design and the overall weight of the trampoline. To design a really strong trampoline will likely require heavier and stronger materials which add weight and cost. So there will be tradeoffs made for every product made.

Just buying a trampoline with a high weight capacity does not solve all issues.

So before you finally choose a model for your family, go through the weight limit information below to fully understand the limits.

Understanding a Trampoline Weight Limit

Now when you wish to understand the resistance capacity of a trampoline and the limit that it can maximize, you need to first look into its design. The simple fact is weight capacity depends upon the materials it has been made of. Especially when it comes to springs used if the spring breaks easily or can be bent easily it generally means that the trampoline will have a lower weight limit.

Undeniably there is a good difference between the trampolines that have been designed for professional use and the one for residential usage.

It is a common fact that the trampolines like trick trampoline may have lesser weight resistance as it is expected that a bouncer shall be on it at a point of time. Also a light weight trampoline shall always give a better bounce. Furthermore the mat can be made either of water-proof canvas polypropylene, which is connected with the steel rods. Now a matter to see the real difference is in the quality of these rods. These rids can actually help you understand the actual weight the trampoline can hold.

Trying Trampolines of Different Weight Capacities

While analyzing different trampolines, we started with the one meant for kids in the age group 3-10 years. That age group ensures generally is rated at 100 pounds or less. But when it comes to adult trampolines they generally are rated between 200lbs and  350lbs.

While reviewing different trampolines we did come across many brands like ACON Air. Though there are many to choose from the options going for a no-single user shall be a win-win deal for you. Springfree and ACON Air have trampolines with some the highest weight capacities we’ve ever seen. If you have larger jumpers we recommend buying one from those two brands.

Before you finally decide on which item to purchase for your family you should do these two things. First, check the weight limit mentioned in this guide or do cross check it with the seller. Secondly, it’s always a good option to buy a trampoline that has been reviewed and ranked well by customers.

It is important that the springs and pad are high quality.

Also check out our list of the top adult trampolines to see others with higher weight limits.


Now it’s a time for final say, once you understand the weight resistance needed for a trampoline at your home, only then rush to buy. Also, keep in mind that you are not analyzing only for the current day but at least for a couple of years ahead. Though we would never say that you will have a safe bounce every time, the probability of risk shall definitely decrease, making your purchase a wise one.