How Many Calories Can You Burn on a Trampoline?

Do you want to shed down extra calories from your body? Then, you need to start jumping on trampoline along with your kids. This is the best and cost-effective way to lose weight. More importantly, you can exercise on a trampoline with having to leave your home.

Calories Burned Using a Trampoline

This exercise keeps you energetic and joyful all day long without getting fatigue soon. By bouncing on the trampoline for 10 minutes, you can burn around 45 calories. When you bounce on the trampoline for 30 minutes, you can burn around 134 calories. By bouncing for an hour you can lose around 267 calories. In addition, when you do bouncing on this play item for 2 hours, you can lose around 534 calories and when you bounce for 3 hours you can lose 801 calories.

The calories you are going to burn depending on your weight and how long you bounce. Also, the calories you lose depending on the intensity with which you bounce on the trampoline. Bouncing on this trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to an hour walk. Doing this exercise will let you lose calories and at the same time strengthen your body. This is considered to be the natural and fun way to burn extra calories from the body without hitting a gym or following any diet regime.

Exercise on a Trampoline

Many youngsters, working women, and engineers prefer bouncing on a trampoline to lose weight. This is the most effective exercise that lets you curtail extra pounds from the body, tone muscles and give equivalent fun that you get by jogging. Trampoline is the fun and exciting way to burn calories and gain a slim and svelte body in a short span. Many people strictly start to do rigorous workouts and get bored after doing it for a couple of days.

Also, you would need to travel to the gym to lift weights and other exercises. Driving back and forth consumes time and can be tiring after a long day at work. Few people will buy weight loss DVD to carry out the exercises right at their place. However, doing all these can become boring. Have you considered losing calories by using a rebounder? Yes, of course. They are great for helping you get into shape but not as fun of some of the bigger trampolines that can be seen here.

More importantly, they can help kids keep their weight under control without getting prone to obesity. Kids bouncing on the trampoline can lose weight while promoting sound health. In fact, kids are losing more calories by jumping on the trampoline over hitting the gym and running around the yard. Undeniably, this gives ample fun to the kids besides improving their fitness level.

People get bored of doing the same fitness exercises every day. They always want to do something unique that excites them. People while doing the gym or jogging will listen to their favorite songs to keep them entertained as long as they do these boring exercises. When you bounce on a trampoline, it gives you a great feeling and can help you fight boredom every day. In fact, bouncing will produce endorphin’s that make you feel happy throughout the bouncing period. When you bounce and fall back on the mat, it makes you feel like reminiscing about your childhood days.

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