How to Properly Use Trampoline Anchors

If you are residing in an area that is prone to heavy winds, it is important for you to tie down things properly before they fly away along with the winds or get damaged. One of the exciting playful items that should be tied down is a trampoline. This is the favorite and past time of many kids where they jump and play with the toys. When the wind blows, the trampoline may get damaged. So, it is crucial for you to install trampoline anchors to the ground to avoid the trampoline steel pad flying around the yard.

When a trampoline is lifted, air blows from beneath and above the mat. Many people have their homes and fences damaged when a trampoline takes flight due to gales. In addition to damaging their own homes, it also damages the yards of the neighbors, thus costing you more money.

A trampoline may fly high and land far away from its original location. The only way to keep the damages due to trampoline at bay is to take away the trampoline mat after usage or tie it down rigidly to the ground. Ideally, many prefer the latter option, since it is not possible for people to disassemble and assemble the trampoline. Also, you cannot keep a tab on the weather conditions and disassemble the trampoline during heavy winds. The best way is to anchor the trampoline to the ground to ensure the safety of your fence and neighbors yard even when you are at home or on vacation. When it is tied to the ground, you can assure that it does not pose any kind of damage to anything.

There are different types of anchors available which you can check out hereĀ However, you need to pick the durable one that has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions without coming off from the ground. You need to fix the anchor either by twisting down the anchor a few inches into the soil or dig a hole to fix the anchor and then cement it to avoid it from coming off the ground.

Here are a few ways of properly anchoring the trampoline to the ground.

  • You have two options when you are planning to anchor the trampoline to the ground. First one is to dig a hole for the stake and then pour cement. This is a permanent solution so only do this if you plan to stay in the home for awhile.
  • Another way is to buy stakes with a twisting rod to push them into the ground a few inches. This twisting rod is perfect over the straight rod since the straight rod will come off when there is heavy wind. When you use a twisted rod, it will not come off from the ground so easily.
  • Use chains or ropes to tie down the trampoline. When there is heavy wind, the wind has to pull the chains and tie downs to make the trampoline come out. This is impossible, thus keeping the trampoline in its respective position

If you buy an in ground trampoline you can skip trampoline anchors.