Trampoline Tricks : Cool Things You Can Try While Jumping

Who doesn’t love trampoline time? It is an activity for people of all ages. Trampolines can make you feel like you are flying and can be very therapeutic.

It is a fun activity but equal safety measures have to be taken as well because you do not want anyone getting hurt while you’re having fun. Click this link to learn more about safety. While jumping on a trampoline it can be a good place to show off your jumping skills. It is the best place to challenge your friends and see who has got the best trampoline tricks.

Here is a list of cool trampoline tricks that will make your friends go wow after seeing your jumping skills and tricks.

Starting off with the basics and the simple tricks is the key, once you become an expert in the basics you can move to the trickier and complicated ones.

Some Trampoline Tricks

1.   Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps are simple but if you want to be the master of trampoline jumps you’ve got to be a pro at this. After you jump on the trampoline, while in the air, bring your knees up towards your chest and tightly hold them with your hands as land.

2.  Front Flip

This trick is not so complicated. But it is the basic move to carry out the other complicated tricks. Take a good jump and while you are in the air tuck your legs inwards and push yourself forward to carry out a front flip. Make sure you land on your feet, otherwise it will be failed front flip.

3.  Back Flip

This trick is basically the same as the front flip. Take a good jump, tuck your legs in and instead of pushing yourself forward you’ve got to push yourself backward as it is a black flip. Make sure you land on your feet for a successful back flip.

4.  Side Flip

It is trickier as compared to the front flip and the back flip. Carry this out once you become a pro at the other two easier flips. Like the front and the back flip, take a good jump. Tuck your legs in and flip yourself to the left or the right side.

5.   Back Drop

This is also a simple trick to execute. It is also referred to as the trust fall. In this trick, you fall on your back and the trampoline pushes you back up. It is that simple.

6.  Knee Drop

Another easy trick to execute but it is a fun trick to perform. Jump as high as you can and try to land on your knees. Position your knees in a way that won’t hurt you and it’s done.

7.   Time for a Spin

Spinning on a trampoline is not that difficult but carrying out multiple spins is the trick. Everyone can make a single spin while in the air. The ones who can spin multiple times in a single jump are the ones we call masters of the jump. Try spinning multiple times but keep a track on where you’re landing.

As now you have successfully executed the simple tricks, it is time you learn the complicated ones because these are the tricks that will make you stand out in your friends’ circle and you will be called a trampoline pro. Ready for the fun?

8.  Hand Springs

This is a pretty tricky trick to perform. It basically turns a jump into a flip. Sounds cool? Jump and try to land with your hands on the trampoline, as soon as your hands touch the trampoline arch your back. This trick will impress anyone who witnesses it.

9.  Somersaults

You must have seen somersaults on the ground, but have you ever seen anyone to carry out the somersaults on a trampoline? No? then be the first one to do that. The initial step is the front flip after the hands touch the trampoline, do not stop. As long as the balance is maintained you will be able to land on your feet.

10.       Pike Jump

With this trick, you are expected to jump very high. When you jump bring your legs in front of you, pointing together and position your hands straight up. After you have attained this position try touching your toes while in the air.

11.         Front Pull-Over

It is a complicated trick, but if successfully pulled off, will make you the trampoline king/queen. It is basically doing front flips and landing on your back. The trampoline will exert a force on you making you do another flip so it is like roll flip.

12.        Back Pull-Over

It is a harder trick to execute as compared to the front pull-over. Start off by jumping straight up and try to land on your back. The momentum of your body will push you into a backflip and again make you spring back up. You can successfully execute it once you master in the front pull-over.

13.        Twists

Now when you are up in the air, twist your body in a way that when you land you face a different direction. This is called a half-twist. For a full twist, try to twist your body faster and try to face the same direction at the time you jumped. This is called a full twist.

These thirteen trampoline tricks will make your friends’ jaws drop in amazement. Not everyone can execute these amazing tricks. In order to successfully execute these tricks, you need to practice your basic trampoline skills because safety must be our first priority so you can be a trampoline hero after you’ve mastered all the basic trampoline tricks.

Good luck in showing off your jumping skills to your friends and family and make them go “wow”. If you’re looking for a great trampoline to try these tricks on click here!