Best Rectangle Trampoline | Reviews of the Top Rectangular Trampolines


Best Value

Skywalker 15ft Rectangle Trampoline

Shape: Rectangle

  • Very Durbale
  • Great Brand

Top Rated

Summit 14ft Rectangle Trampoline

Shape: Rectangle

  • Large Jumping Surface
  • Great for Flipping


JumpKing 10ft x 14ft Rectangle Trampoline

Shape: Rectangle

  • Large Jumping Surface
  • Very Durable

Trampolines normally come in two shapes, round or rectangle. Rectangular trampolines are becoming more popular because the impact of the jump on each part of the mat is equal. They also tend be larger that round trampolines, making them better for multiple jumpers or someone who wants to perform tricks. Rectangular trampolines also tend to offer a bigger bounce which is great for most older kids. For smaller kids we recommend buying a mini trampoline. Below is a guide on what features to consider when looking for the best rectangle trampoline.

Summit 14′ Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

This UV protected hardcore trampoline which is mainly used for a competitive reason because of its large area, is a popular choice for its sturdiness and vinyl safety pads that ensures better safety irrespective of the pressure or force applied or the number of participants.

Features and Benefits

  • It has 91 sq ft of area for jumping which not only allows competitive jumping but is perfect for sports such as gymnastics and training regarding muscle and motor control.
  • The enclosure has complete protective netting to ensure safety and is made up of thick and sturdy material which is long lasting.
  • Jumping sheet made up of polypropylene which is not only UV protected but even fade proof in the long run.


  • Rust resistant springs due to the galvanized steel springs
  • All weather usage i.e. dust, wind, water and UV resistant.
  • Has over 200 lb. weight capacity
  • T-brackets with safer interlocking


  • Setting needs professional assistance and special tools


JumpSport 10′ x 17′ Staged Bounce Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The best aspect of this trampoline is the smart design and shape of it where the length and area are huge but the breadth is narrow enough to fit into any backyard or a garden. This durable trampoline is thoughtfully designed and has the guarantee of lasting for a long period of time.

Features and Benefits

  • The most important feature is the padded and cushioned poles which also offer shock absorption.
  • It does not have any age bar except for a minimum of 6 and the maximum weight it can handle is 225 pounds of a single user and a combined weight of 800 pounds.
  • It consists of 92 rust-free, high-performance strings
  • Acts as a perfect training tool for gymnastics, skiing, muscle and motor control, stamina, and endurance.


  • Provides good ground clearance with a distance of 40 feet above the ground
  • Cold rolled steel for high impact and durability
  • Frame pad with extra covering and coating
  • A triple fail-safe system with 2 backup support systems that ensure the safety in case one fails. i.e. this involves the systems that hold the net securely
  • Shock absorbing pole tops and steel poles.


  • Paint might chip off in case of rough usage
  • Fixing the safety net is complicated and time-consuming


Acon Air 16

The trampoline manufactured by Acon is a rectangular trampoline that can be bought to be placed in your home or in the garden of your house. The trampoline is a heavy duty tool which is designed not for one but multiple users at a time. The material of the bouncer is durable and ensures safety to both adult and kids. It can be used for sports, gymnastics, dancing as well as for regular pastime.

Features and Benefits

  • One of the most important features that the rectangular trampoline has, is the enclosure provided on the boundary of the sheet. If the enclosure is not provided, there are full chances of you falling off the sheet after you jump and land.
  • The second important thing about this trampoline is that it is equipped with high-quality springs in the base. Springs are important to maintain the momentum of landing and jumping. They provide the exact amount of force to jump and avoid injury when you land.
  • The mat used for the rectangular trampoline uses the criss-cross sewing technology. It is sewn 6 times and then fitted on the frame. This makes sure that the mat will last longer and also, there will not be any risk if there are multiple users.
  • The pipes used in the frame are galvanized. This adds many features itself. Galvanized pipes make the trampoline waterproof, strong and durable.


  • The trampoline is multipurpose. This means that it cannot only be used for fun or just for sports but can be used for both the purposes.
  • The mat is strong enough to support multiple users of the trampoline. This means that 3-4 people can be on the mat at the same time.
  • There are 138 springs 10 inches each which enable support and perfect elasticity of the mat.
  • The pipes are galvanized to increase the longevity of the trampoline. Also, galvanized pipes are stronger and more durable than others.


  • The trampoline is as heavy as 420 pounds. This makes it difficult for you to lift and move it in case you want to do it.


Skywalker 15ft

This Skywalker trampoline rectangle is one with many technologies installed in it. There are different types of features added in the trampoline that makes it best in class and very safe. There are galvanized pipes like every other trampoline but what makes it safer and durable are the T-sockets to keep the enclosure connected to the trampoline frame. This avoids unusual change in the structure of the frame.

Features and Benefits

  • The trampoline supports the height of 15 feet. This makes it very convenient for the children as well as for the adults.
  • The rectangular trampoline cannot only be used by the adults and the children in their pastime but the gymnasts and the dancers can also use it for performing stunts.
  • The company uses a no-gap technology. This means the gap between the enclosure and the mat is eliminated.


  • Considering safety and durability at the same time, this is the best deal. There are galvanized pipes used in the frame which makes the trampoline strong. But what makes it stronger is the T-socket. The design keeps the structure intact without causing it breakdown enticingly.
  • Attaching the enclosure to the trampoline is also not very difficult. The company has installed button-hole technology for attaching the enclosure. All you have to do it put the enclosure around the frame and put the buttons in the holes provided in the jumping area.
  • The enclosure material is made of high-quality polyethylene. Also, the net is UV resistant. This means even if you are using the trampoline during the day time, UV rays will not affect you or your child.
  • Along with the jumping area, there is a 1-inch thick foam layer provided at the bottom of the surface. This enhances durability and comfort.


  • The weight of the trampoline is 250 pounds. This makes it a little heavy compared to others. So, it becomes difficult to move.

JumpKing 10 x 14

The trampoline from JumpKing is a rectangular trampoline which is one of the best and safest of all in the market. You can have your feet bouncing on them for hours together and never feel tired. Also, you can have your kids play on it for it is safe, durable and strong. There are various features added in this trampoline which makes it strong and durable along with being the best medium to spend time.

Features and Benefits

  • One of the best features of this trampoline is that it has an enclosure that it built with excellence.
  • The quality of the frame is unmatchable and ensures durability, strength and protection, all at the same time.
  • The mat is made up of polypropylene which makes it super strong and flexible.


  • The trampoline has an enclosure which is knit very well. It is basically a mesh that can be folded when you want to move the trampoline. The mesh can be installed easily.
  • The pipes used in making the frame of the trampoline are strong and have a big diameter. This makes sure that the trampoline has a longer lifetime.
  • Also, there is a warranty of 5 years. If there is a problem with the enclosure or with the mat, the company will replace it for you.


  • The jumping area is not very wide. This restricts children from having fun in the larger area.

Definition of a RectangleTrampoline

This type of trampoline has the same functions as a regular trampoline but has the surface mat in a rectangular shape aiding in various factors such as safety, price, and performance. I rectangle trampoline has a more even bounce no matter where you are compared to a round trampoline. Round trampolines tend to be bouncier in the middle and always force the jumper back towards the center. On the other hand rectangle trampolines are bouncy all over and will not force jumpers towards the middle like a round version. Also, its wide design helps to accommodate more jumpers and provides better reliability due to its easier setup. What sets it apart from round shaped trampolines is the amount of bouncing force endured and the number of tricks one can perform when using it. Although there is a difference in a use case, what this type of trampolines presents itself to the customer is unique and cannot be found in any other.

Differences Between a Regular and Rectangular Trampoline

When one is choosing either a regular or rectangular trampoline they need to look at various factors before purchasing it and the budget and requirements will shape what they exactly need to fit their lifestyle.


In terms of performance, a rectangular trampoline will fare much much better than a regular trampoline because it is able to absorb more force acquired when landing and it even has more space which allows for one to do more tricks whereas a regular round trampoline directs one to the center. In the end, it is up to the user and their preferences to choose which one suits them.


There is a wide gap for use case scenario between these two types of trampolines as the regular one fares better due to its smaller size and usability in any area. also, a regular trampoline is better suited for recreational purposes whereas the rectangular type is more geared towards professionals.


In the price segment regular trampolines have the advantage here because they have more natural strength due to the circular frame design and since it requires less support, companies can build it much quicker and at a much-reduced cost which gives it that extra advantage when compared to rectangular trampolines.


When coming to the safety side of things, it is completely up to the buyer as to what trampoline to choose and purchase but when doing it they should carefully choose as to whether it is completely safe or not. According to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a round design would fare better than a rectangular one because of the less powerful bounce endured rather than the more powerful bounce in the rectangular type making it safer and much less risk of any injury. This is mainly for small kids or toddlers who are joining the fun for the first time.

Why Buy a Trampoline Rectangle

Rectangular trampolines are much preferable over regular ones as they are able to have a much wider use case scenario over regular trampolines. Also, their surfaces have a much more absorbing force rather than regular trampoline allowing one to do more tricks than they usually would.  For those into professional sports, a rectangular trampoline is recommended because it allows them to prepare for worst case scenario in case of any accident and also enhances the overall experience.

In the end, the buyer has to decide which one fits them best as each has their own good and bad to fit what they need.


Rectangular Trampoline Buyer Considerations

Safety Nets

A trampoline can become dangerous if you are not landing on the mat properly. So, it is important that one doesn’t overlook for this factor while buying a trampoline. Also, always ensure the safety net is properly secured in case someone slips as there is no other point of having one.

Weight Limit

The weight limit varies from one trampoline to another and therefore, it is important that the one you buy has a higher weight limit than the people who plan to use it. There are one or two trampoline brands that offer a no single user weight limit which we love.

Spring Guards

Spring guards are a must have in trampolines as they ensure no one’s limb gets caught in the spring. They help protect your loved ones from any serious accident.

Weatherproof Trampoline

Rectangular trampolines take up a lot of space and most people prefer to keep them outside. One should ensure that the trampolines they buy is meant for outdoor use and are durable as well. Depending on where you live you may want to buy a more robust/durable trampoline to ensure it lasts for years to come. The material used in the trampoline should be weatherproof so that it can withstand different weather conditions.

Spring Quality

A trampoline is of no use unless it has good quality springs. This is because the quality of spring determines how much it is going to bounce and the durability of the trampoline. If the spring quality is not good, it may break off and trampoline will be of no use.


Assembling a trampoline can be a stressful task if not done properly. Following the instructions and remaining calm and patient is all you can do while setting up the trampoline.

First and foremost thing that needs to be done is keeping the tools ready. Screwdriver, rubber mallet (for springs), and a pulling device to pull springs are the most important tool requirements.

Start building the structure by starting from the base. Follow the instructions and place the legs onto the base. After that, start attaching the net to the frame. Fixing the net might be difficult and may take some time. Once the frame is fixed using bolts and screws, place the mat on. This is where a rubber mallet and pulling device will be needed. Keep attaching the springs, follow the instructions and the trampoline will be ready in few minutes.


When you purchase something for exercise and outdoor activities, always bear in mind that it must consist of as many safety precautions as possible. Always go for trusted and branded ones such as skywalker trampoline rectangle or anything which is durable and sturdy.

Make sure you look for maximum spring reaction i.e. every spring in the trampoline should react to you jump so that it is even and you will be pushed into the middle naturally. The advantage with rectangular models is that they offer uniformity in all the corners of the trampoline. The only precautions to be taken is the safety net and the rods. This is because the area is huge and the height at which the trampoline is placed is significantly high.

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